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"Tour De Central Run-Swim-Run", Wed, June 16, 2010

Just in from LACo OLS, Scott DeBoer.

That's right, Folks! You heard it here first. If you finish this race there will be D O N U T S at the finish line!

(Photo above shows sample Donuts only; Your Prize if you Finish This Race!)

"The Fourth Annual Ocean Lifeguard "Tour De Central" Run-Swim-Run"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 0630 hrs!

Sign-ups begin at 5:45 a.m.

RACE begins at 6:30 a.m.

"No entry fee, no awards, just a race between fellow ocean lifeguards, the elements, and, of course, your pride."

Course Overview Photos (x 2), below, courtesy of "County Recurrent":

Course Overview Photo #1, below, shows entire course from Driftwood to Will Rogers Tower #5.

Course Overview Photo #2, below, zooms in on Course from Venice Breakwater to Finish Line at Will Rogers Tower #5.

The Course:

Run Start: Driftwood Tower Venice Beach
Swim: Venice Pier
Run: The Avenues
Swim: Avenue 19 Buoy
Run: Venice North
Swim: Santa Monica South 26 Buoy
Run: Santa Monica South
Swim: Santa Monica North 8 Buoy
Run: Santa Monica North
Swim: Will Rogers HQ Buoy
Run: Will Rogers South
Finish: Will Rogers 5 Tower

Run Distance: 10K
Swim Distance: 5 Ocean Swims

*** There will be Gatorade, water, DONUTS, bananas and oranges provided at the Finish.

Questions? Email Scott DeBoer at

Finish Line Photo, below. (View from above on bluffs). Will Rogers Tower #5.

*** *** ***

Below are some "County Recurrent" archive photos of some of the area beaches that participants will run and swim along, etc.:

The race begins at Driftwood on the Marina Peninsula south of the Venice Pier so the first view you will have is of the pier as you begin the race running... Hopefully, there will be some surf like shown in this photo below by Nathalie Brouwer from July 2009.

After returning to the beach after swimming around the Venice Pier you will be running toward the Venice HQ Garage and Division HQ!... so look your best!

Above, is the view from SMS Tower #27 looking north toward Santa Monica Pier. You might be about half way at this point.

Below, is a shot of SMS Tower #26, which you will pass on your way to toward the Santa Monica Pier.

Above, a sample t-shirt that you will NOT be getting!

Below, however, is a sample DONUT you could score for entering and finishing this race!

Below, you will next pass SMS Tower #18, with its roofline proclaiming "Laird Plastics & Recyling".

If you are still coherent you should see SMS Tower #16 next and the Santa Monica Pier!

Next, you will run past SMS Tower #17...

Concentrate on the race!... Don't be sidetracked by Central Section HQ behind SMS Tower #16...

Up above at CSHQ, the brass will be working hard so keep on truckin'...

And DON'T even think about detouring to HOT DOG ON A STICK behind CSHQ... (aka, SMHQ)

Finally, you are getting close to the Finish. Below you will recognize Will Rogers Tower #18. You've only to run to WRHQ, swim around the WRHQ Buoy and then run up to Will Rogers Tower #5!

Once you see Will Rogers HQ you will be closing in on the Finish and your donut!

Heads up! Be careful because the first storm drain you come across is Will Rogers Tower #8, in the photo below, and is NOT the Finish Line... but you can see it from there. You are almost done!

You can probably taste that donut right now because you can now definitely see the Finish Line at Will Rogers #5, but you must still run past Towers #7 and #6...

Below, another view of the Finish at Will Rogers Tower #5, center of frame at storm drain and just before the Bel Air Bay Club.

*** *** ***

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Scott DeBoer said...

That's hillarious Will! Great job on the narration. The pictures were also a nice touch. You too are invited to do the race. If not, there will be a free donut with your name on it. My compliments!

Thanks again, very funny!
Best Regards, Scott DeBoer

FYI, I was demoted not long ago, so I am back to OL status not OLS. LOL, not so much. They can't take my smile away though.