Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Heads Up": New Home Needed For Recently Restored "Pete Peterson Dory"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Heads Up, Dory men and Dory women!"

Please pay close attention to the remarks of Harold Dunnigan, LACo O.L., Retired below, dated May 7, 2010:

(Above, the Restored Peterson Dory. All Photos by "JT", aka, John Thomas.
Copyright 2008 John Thomas. Courtesy of JT.)

Above, Tom Snyder and Harold Dunnigan in the dory.)


"Dory Men and Dory Women,

Your attention PLEASE...

A Pete Peterson, all wood, non-self bailer Dory,
recently restored by vintage Dory men, Randy Steigley, Tom Snyder and Harold Dunnigan and most ably assisted by the generosity of Scott Hubbell is looking for a suitable site at which to have it displayed. At present it is sequestered, in safe storage, on the Santa Monica Pier. Hopes had been that the City would create a museum at the Pier's end but funding just was not to be had... so, we need a place that is safe, secure and available for public viewing and we're looking for help.

(Randy Stiegley and Jimmy Doman)

A brief sketch of Pete Peterson
tells of his all-round Ocean Aquatic Skills, you name it, he could do it. A Santa Monica Lifeguard Lieutenant, movie stunt man, diver, skilled Dory man. Maker of Dorys, in the days of wood/plywood, and paddleboards, one of which is presently being restored.... plus, the original designer of the Lifeguard Rescue Tube, from its original black inflated model to the current sponge rubber configuration... So the likes of those mentioned above are in pursuit of a site, hopefully in the Santa Monica, South Bay area that will preserve the memory of this talented Waterman of the past.

Please contact me at 310 396 0839.


Hal Dunnigan"


(Vertical view of restored dory, above.)

(Above, the "Motley Crew" that christened the restored dory and launched it in late Dec. 2008, L2R: Tom Snyder, Randy Stiegley, Harold Dunnigan, Terry "Flanafish"Flanagan, Jim Doman, and JT, aka, John Thomas.)


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