Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Watch The Water", by Don Rosenthal, aka "Rosie"

(Will Rogers Tower #4, 04.25.2010.)

What with all the hub bub about the painted lifeguard towers, we just received this timely no nonsense comment from the one and only, Don Rosenthal, aka, "Rosie", retired Lieutenant with LACo, who stated this afternoon in an email, as follows:

Hi Will:

I have been reading the "blogs" about painted lifeguard towers, and what pops into my head is this............

Two good eyes in the tower are what is most important.

Remember, "WATCH THE WATER", not the paint.....

Keep up the good work Will...



Great Advice! Thanks very much, Rosie! Your sound perspective is greatly appreciated!

So please spread the word, that when all is said and done with this current Art Project, we all need to continue to WATCH THE WATER!

Oh and one more thing:


10-4, copy

Until next time.....

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JohnRJ08 said...

I agree with Rosie. The towers today are more like small studio apartments compared to the old 'box' towers. Some of us remember the old LA City lifeguard recruitment poster that showed Eddie Hoffman coming down out of one of those sweat-boxes as if he was actually going to make a rescue. More likely he spotted an over-worked bikini. Then there were those tall apartment building towers that took a half-hour to open up. That was the first kind of tower I worked in at Gillis until it was burned to the ground one night. (I blame that on Edison). I think painting the towers all these bright colors might've been a good idea back in the '60's when we were all high on mushrooms and banana peals, but it seems little over the top for the 21st century.

spyder said...

Watch the Beach! There are things that need a lifeguard's attention going on behind the tower as well as out in the water. Few people ever realize that lifeguards must be all things to all people at all times when they visit their local (or what they presume to be local) Beach. Lifeguards have the unique capacity to "see" what is out of balance, what is wrong, what is not okay, in their scanning image processing. We never look for a rescue, we look for what isn't right about what is happening in our zone. It could be a prevention, it could be a small first aid, it could be a traffic accident, it could be a small fire, it could be a drunk.

spyder said...

Interesting translation of the Chinese spam from Porsha Coghlan?

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