Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Mexican Riviera Surf Trip", by Chris Bredesen

On a partly sunny Friday morning in early April, myself and 4 lifelong friends embarked on an adventure to the “Mexican Riviera” for a “surf trip/bachelor party” Mexican vacation. Things were about to get very interesting…

We flew from LAX to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (located on the central west coast of mainland Mexico, just a bit south and east from Cabo San Lucas) and arrived in just about 3 hours. We began to hear people talk about all the drug related killings in Mexico and how Puerto Vallarta has had its fair share of killings. We discussed this “ISSUE” with the “rent a car” salesman and realized that for the past year this area has been “relatively safe”. So we got our boards strapped on the top of the car and started heading out to our final destination, Punta Mita.

After a 45 minute drive (with a WalMart food/drinks stop) and a few detours, we reached our destination. Punta Mita is a VERY small town, with a few restaurants, very small marina, and 1 town grocery store (that only seemed to sell tortillas and Coronas). Our condo we rented was located just south of the marina, with a very small “San Onofre” type wave in front.

The condo was beautiful, but as you can see, Punta Mita is not completely developed yet. Here is a picture of the building next door with the entire marina.

The first day, we surfed an AMAZING point break on the northern tip of Punta Mita. Just as good as Malibu, a little sketchier bottom, and ZERO people out.
The only way to reach this spot is to take a small dingy (for about $60) from the marina to the point. It was about a 5 minute ride, and well worth it. Since the boat driver declined to stay in the lineup and take some pictures, you will all have to just trust me here. The wave is really good.

The next day we too advantage of it being our friends Bachelor Party and surfing was put on the backburner. As any good friends would do, we took him to “Old Town” in Puerto Vallarta and had an amazing time, I think.

Sunday we really got to explore the area. We actually found a surf spot that involved having to walk through an actual jungle and found a deserted beach. The surf had dropped, but with 85 degree weather and 70 degree plus water, we all had a great time.

We surfed a few more days. We all got sick. We all had an amazing time.

I will definitely be back to Punta Mita. The surf potential there is VERY HIGH. In addition to surfing, the fishing in this bay is exceptional and it is an ideal place to relax and get away from it all.

Chris Bredesen

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Many Thanks to Chris for sharing his most recent surf trip south of the border.

Until next time.....

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