Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Another Day At The Beach

"COUNTY RECURRENT" Presents: A Day At The Beach

The Standard Quiver of Rescue Fins..... ready for the next blitz at the Avenues. And notice how the Orange Redley Fin (center) picks up and compliments the orange in the County Recurrent homepage graphics...

Name the brand name of these fins on the rail, in set up mode, adjacent to rescue can at Ave-23.

This yacht, or I should say, SHIP, was absolutely GINORMOUS !!! A colleague stationed elsewhere conjectured it belonged to a south of the border drug lord that has recently been parking his 100 foot plus vessel in MDR at the fuel dock. I thought it might be a certain Silicon Valley software billionaire who has bought up a boatload of Malibu beachfront in past several years. Name that Billionaire and his company for a free cup of coffee at CSHQ.

Sunset in Venice..... who knew !

End of shift, rescue hybrid vehicles being parked for the night. Is it just me or do these vehicles look absolutely outstanding ?!

Nighttime in the hood.

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