Friday, October 31, 2008

Cal Porter's Then And Now

Now and then we come across something that we feel compelled to tell others, and this is one such example !

Absolutely, Positively "Required Reading" for the County Recurrent ! An absolutely spectacular gem of a web blog by retired recurrent, Cal Porter

Cal Porter's Then And Now

hosted by
, where you will find Cal's Blog linked in the left hand menu bar on the homepage. Additional webpages include the following:

*** This is one and the same Cal Porter, Malibu's First Lifeguard at the Point; Our very own LACo Beach Lifeguard Stud (Recurrent, Retired) Cal Porter..... the humble ocean warrior who we had NO IDEA had a blog of his own. So Cal: You've been outed quite by accident by "County Recurrent" and we are all so very glad that you are putting pen to paper, as it were, about what the 'bu was really like 'back in the day!' ***

fyi; contact:

Cal Porter:

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