Monday, October 27, 2008

Ave 23 Ghost Fins: Trick or Treat ? !

Dateline: Monday, Oct. 27, 2008

County Recurrent in its previous posting, dated 10.25.08, began with a photo featuring a certain quiver of fins ready for use by the seasoned recurrent at Ave 23, in Venice.

The undersigned, in a mystery worthy of a ghost sighting, then discovered one of these fins missing in action and replaced by a matching orange fin to the Redley previously discussed on 10.25.08.

The readership is asked if they know where the missing, albeit, previously mismatched single red/black "Da Fin" fin went.

Perhaps someone saw the previous blog post and said, "Hey, there is so and so's missing Red Da Fin !

Perhaps it was replaced by Big Brother. Decide for yourself, as County Recurrent hereinafter shows photos of said aforementioned quiver of fins on the two referenced dates, 10.19 and 10.26.08 !

Below, the Ave 23 Quiver of Fins, on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008
(note: left to right, Red/Black (Da Fin), Orange/Black (Redley), and Blue/Black (VOIT Duck Foot)

And above, the altered quiver of fins at Ave 23, just 7 days later. Note: the pair of matching orange/black Redley fins now hanging with the same single blue/black Duck Foot.

I don't quite know if there is a logical explanation for the appearance of the matching orange Redley fin or not, but I like to think that its our "left us too soon" brother in arms, Robert Roche (LACo OL), whose ashes were spread off Ave 23 some years ago, and it's Robert who is now wearing the missing Red Da Fin with its matching fin and is out there off Ave 23 doing laps from the Venice Pier to the Breakwater and back.

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