Friday, October 10, 2008

How To Improve Your Seniority: Lesson 1

"Courtesy Reminder" re PLF Donor Recognition Soiree: One Week Away !!!
Be sure to calendar this event where you can mix with the Brass with Class!

The Professional Lifeguard Foundation's Annual "Donor Recognition" Soiree

Friday, October 17th, 2008: 6 pm to 9 pm

743 Almar Ave.

Pacific Palisades, CA

All previous and future donors are invited. Join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. To RSVP e-mail or by phone, 310.459.6721.

(County Recurrent, editor's note: Drink sure to ask for the good stuff !)

Friday, October 10, 2008

County Recurrent Presents: "How To Increase Your Seniority: Lesson 1"


Let's say you've been a recurrent for a handful of years and you still can't seem to get that coveted summer schedule because of some pri.., I mean, colleague, who is ahead of you on THE LIST. What is a recurrent to do ? You could hide a bunch of equipment in the garage at Venice HQ like a certain retired recurrent/permanent reputedly used to do and then the Dept. would have to pay him a minimum of a couple hours to come in and, wink wink, find the needed equipment. County Recurrent does not favor this strategy, however.

On the other hand, let's say this other guard is in college and is thinking of going to grad school but needs a bit of money to get there. OK, you with me here. Here's the deal ! Make a tax deductible donation to the Professional Lifesaving Foundation (aka, PLF) and earmark the check for a scholarship for said certain college student/grad school bound colleague. It might not hurt to even campaign for the s.o.., I mean, other lifeguard getting a scholarship. You can also rest assured and sleep soundly knowing that (a) you have made a very savvy tax advantaged donation, (b) you've contributed to the higher education of a colleague, and (c) with that higher education that colleague will in a short period of time no longer be around or able to hold down that coveted summer schedule and it will be yours for the taking.

For more information about the PLF, click on the following link:

Of course, you could also try to get a position with the W.A.T.E.R. program which would insure you more stable employment throughout the year and provide you with more days worked in a rating year, thus catapulting you higher on THE LIST, but then you would not be on the "front lines", as it were, making rescues, preventions and otherwise saving lives.

In truth, gaining seniority is a day by day proposition. You can earn it by working on the front lines, you can get it by the number of injury days you are sidelined, or you can get it in a couple of creative ways OFF the front lines.

In conclusion, "County Recurrent" asks: Why not make a tax deductible donation to the PLF and wish your colleague well as he/she flies off to some ivy league college or grad school to continue his/her higher education, leaving you with the choice 4/40 shift in the area of your picking.


Will Maguire,
on behalf of COUNTY RECURRENT News

DISCLAIMER: This email and its contents and specifically the "hypothetical" and its resolution discussed herein are intended to provide academic and satirical consideration to a possible seniority enhancement strategy, together with the use of humor to highlight the issues contained in said hypothetical.

County Recurrent is not affiliated with nor sponsored by LACoFD or LACOLA or the PLF.

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