Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer 2016 JG Smackdown At Will Rogers State Beach...

Dateline: Friday morning, July 8, 2016 at Will Rogers State Beach at Lifeguard Tower #15... the combined LACo JG Programs from Venice - Santa Monica - Will Rogers gather to compete in all sorts of events... running, swimming, paddling and more.....

We arrived shortly after 8 a.m. to prepare our camera equipment and to get changed into aquatic suitable gear for the in the water GoPro camera work that this assignment included...

Here are the photos and videos for your viewing pleasure, a courtesy of "County Recurrent" News.....

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Video #1: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

Below, JG Instructor Fuel... 

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Video #2: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

Below, coffee cup in hand, Will Rogers JG Instructor, Cheri Ellington, heads out to the beach to meet with her squad of JG's...

Below, Santa Monica "C" Group JG Instructor, Wadley, tries to quiet his rambunctious group of JG's... good luck with that...  :-)

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Video #3: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

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•  Video #4: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

  Video #5: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

  Video #6: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

•  Chuck Locko: The Interview

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Contarsy Keene & Locko: The Video

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Video #7: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers

Below, Will Rogers JG "A" Group Instructor, Lance Keene, seated, instructs his group on doing a bottom check for inshore holes, etc. before their upcoming event, the buoy swim...

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Video #8: JG Smackdown at Will Rogers  (aka, "Will Rogers Rocks!)

Below, off duty MD/OL/Dad, Paul Silka, enters the venue to watch the festivities...

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Steve Contarsy: The Interview

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Santa Monica JG Flag Procession: The Video

Below, a screen shot from the video immediately above captures Santa Monica JG "A" Group Instructor, Nick Sullivan's rebel yell (at right of frame in the red jacket), that is received by his squad with a great deal of delight and appreciation for its enthusiasm and humor!...  Watch for it in the video as well!  Classic!

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JG Run Race Start: The Video

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Run Race Finish: The Video

Below, JG "A" Group Instructor, Lance Keene, shows off his Will Rogers team colors on his face with the blue Zinka zinc sunscreen!  Well done, Lance!

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The Three Amigas: The Video

And then we were informed that the buoy swim was the next event and so we got our GoPro camera ready for some water work...

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•  GoPro Video #1: Overview of the Buoy Swim Course

•  GoPro Video #2: Floating Outside The Surfline

Below, OL/JG Instructor, Nila Ward, heads out on a paddle board to monitor the upcoming boys and girls buoy swim races...

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GoPro Video #3: The Girls Buoy Swim Start

Below, a shot of the girls swimming out to the first buoy...

a view toward shore...

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 GoPro Video #4: Heading Toward Shore

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GoPro Video #5: Boys Buoy Swim Start

Below, a still shot of the boys buoy swim race out through the surf line heading toward the first buoy...

 GoPro Video #6: Leader of the Pack

Below, several final GoPro still shots showing the boys finishing the buoy swim race.....

Back on shore, we grabbed a towel, dried off and picked up our land camera again to take some more photos and videos...

... and then we headed back to WRHQ to shower up and change and along the way we saw, below, L2R, OLS JVD and Capt. Julio Rodriguez...

and on our way out to the car thereafter... we saw Will Rogers South OLS Micah Carlson at the wheel of the area vehicle (and riding shotgun, off camera, OL Chris Zangara).

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Video #9:  Will Rogers JG Smackdown

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Video #10:  Will Rogers JG Smackdown

Below, JG Instructors, Lance Keene and Nila Ward, getting set up for "beach flags"...

Paddle board events underway below...

and below, our final four parting shots of JG's using the paddle boards to assault the surf line!...

*** What a spectacular event for all of these Junior Lifeguards!  The enthusiasm, the smiles, the experience...  and what a great group of JG Instructors as well!  ***


Until next time.....

"County Recurrent" News

(All photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2016.)

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