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"The Other Baywatch????"... by Adam Sandler

“The Other Baywatch????”

By Adam Sandler

Hey Will:

So each year I volunteer as a medic at the annual Baker to Vegas Relay Challenge (B2V), which as you know, is a race that was started by two LAPD motorcycle officers to foster camaraderie through competition among various law enforcement agencies. The LA Police Revolver and Athletic Club organize the race (race logo attached).

And while the teams are comprised of hard-charging, bad-asses from places like LAPD Swat, LASD Special Enforcement Bureau, DEA, FBI, CHP, US Secret Service, Homeland Security, and suburban police departments from El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach, among many others, one group stands out for being different from all the others: The LA COUNTY LAKE LIFEGUARDS. (see photo of schedule board).

The event is in its 30th year, and 2014 attracted 278 teams who ran a 120-mile course from Baker to Las Vegas that was divided into 20 legs. The legs vary in distance from 4.6 miles to 10.7 miles: uphill, downhill, flat, during the heat of the desert day and the chill of the overnight. (see map attached). The race starts at 1500 on Saturday in Baker and ends around 1030 on Sunday in Las Vegas. It’s a Big Damn Deal and brings in to the area around 10,000 people for the weekend.

The Lakes team, often referred to by the rubric “Baywatch” by the other teams (hey, they’re cops; however I’m sure it is said with love and respect) sometimes has a target on its collective back.

Last year, the FBI Arizona office team set its sights on beating “Baywatch” in the Invitational Category as the Lakes team tends to finish the race in the Top-10 overall and First in the Invitational -- impressive feats that no doubt causes some head-scratching among those gun-toting centurions.

So BIG KUDOS to the Lakes team – not only for each year showing the ballistic vest wearing set that a bunch of men and women who wear bathing suits at work can kick some serious butt – but for finishing in First Place in the Invitational Category with a time of 14:34:21. That’s 14 HOURS, 34 Minutes. They topped the teams from the DEA and FBI San Diego. The Lakes Team placed 9th overall of the 278 teams who competed in the race. (I’ve enclosed a pic of some of the Lakes Team as they crossed my checkpoint at around 0100; despite the poor quality you’ll note the mandatory reflective vests worn while competing).

By comparison, the winner of the whole shebang (in the Open Category) was an LAPD team with a time of 12:49:52.

So I’m thinking we should organize team of a LACoLA OLs; maybe several teams including a real “Baywatch” team – I hear Jay Butki has serious wheels so he can do the 10.7 miles leg !!

As for us: You can drive the follow van, and I’ll be the guy at the van’s open door handing drinks and snacks to the runners (and shouting words of encouragement) as they traverse the course in the middle of the night.

Any takers? I know who we should call to set it up!

As you might say: “Woo Exhausting Hoo!”



Adam Sandler, at right, with Veteran LACo OL, Eldin Onsgard

*** Many Thanks to Adam Sandler for sharing this report, photos, etc. with all of us.  We really appreciate it!  ***


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Dung Thùy said...

Hilarious! This was a fun watch yidio for the husband and I for a date night. Lots of hot bodies and popcornflix great humor (and stupid humor). Definitely recommend!!!