Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fraz Has Left The Building!...

When all is said and done, the remarks Mike saved for last and which were directed to his family, are the remarks that you can measure this man by.  What Mike had to say about his son, daughter and wife were absolutely wonderful. They are his rock.  Well said, Chief!  I, for one, am very grateful to have been in the audience to hear these heartfelt remarks.  You are a blessed man.

Thank you as well for all that you have done for our Department these past 11 plus years as Chief.

And without further adieu, here are some of the photos I took last nite at Mike's Retirement Dinner at KILLER SHRIMP in Marina Del Rey.  10-4.

Fraz has now got his "Bronze Savage" Award!  Bravo!

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(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2014.)

Happy Trails, Fraz!


Until next time.....

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