Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year SMHQ Drive By...

As the sun was setting earlier this evening we headed down to SMHQ to pick up a 2014 Tide Book... no luck... they aren't in yet, but we saved alot of money on postcards of sunsets... because there was a beautiful sunset right off the Santa Monica Pier that was astonishing from the upper front deck at SMHQ!  Well, see for yourself!

Westbound on Pico Blvd... the gathering sunset.....

OLS Kevin Curtis ordering up cheeseburgers, fries and shakes all around... with Capt. Erik Albertson in the background.

The sunset from the upper front deck at SMHQ...

*** Video Alert ! ***

"Sunset at the Santa Monica Pier: The Video" (13 sec. running time)


Capt. Julio Rodriguez returning to HQ in his vehicle alonside OL Chris Smith, just off duty after pulling a shift at SMS Tower #16.

And definitely off duty after an all day shift at SMN Tower #15 is Veteran OL, Bill White.

And in a "County Recurrent" exclusive, our first  photo of newly minted OLS, Jeff Little, just off duty as the area permanent for the day at SMS. Shown here cleaning up the area vehicle so that it is nice and clean for the next day.  Bravo!

And last but not least, showing the attention to detail necessary and fitting for our righteous all wheel drive beach vehicles, is Capt. Julio Rodriguez, buffing out his captains vehicle so that it is clean and totally copacetic for the next day's Captain!  Love the pride, care and respect demonstrated here!


(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2014. All Rights Reserved).

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