Friday, January 3, 2014

Dunnigan's Challenge!

Veteran L.A. City and LACo OL (Ret.), Harold Dunnigan, has a bone to pick!  Harold has, in fact, throw down the gauntlet and has a couple of very strong opinions that need to be heard.  So listen up!
Especially "the powers that be"...  Hear ye Hear ye!

The man himself off duty, on the sand in Venice.  Photo by & Copyright Will Maguire 2012.

Greetings Will and a very healthy, prosperous and happy New Year,

So, regarding the "Savage"  vs " Warrior," I submit the following for our Lifeguard community to grapple with... as you will note, I've also taken on "watch the water,'  and here come the arrows of righteous indignation."

Dear Lifeguard Teammates, I'd like to offer up for your consideration two thoughts:

1) change the name of the "Bronze Savage," to that of "Bronze Warrior.' Somehow I can't accept the idea that we are "Savages."  The very nature of our responsibilities could never be dealt with by the Savage.

2) (and this might be difficult to get going) change our motto "Watch the Water," to "Keep your Focus,"  the very nature of the Lifeguard's  responsibilities encompass all that happens on "My Beach."  In listing some areas I'm certain to leave out many but how about Lost Children, major and minor first aids, boats drifting into the surf line, indecent exposure, the list, while not endless could go on.

So, I'm certain that many of our truly unique community have some thoughts in support,  hopefully, and of course conversely.

Call me if you wish.

All the best,

Hal Dunnigan


10-4, Harold. We hear you loud and clear.  Perhaps our motto ought to be:

     Watch The Water & Keep Your Focus!

Many thanks to Harold for all his years of service and for his steadfast loyalty and leadership to our tribe of ocean warriors.

Until next time.....

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Carswell Jackie said...

I concur!

bellybouncing said...

Savage is cool dont change that. Warrior is over used)

spyder said...

"Watch the Water" is clearly wrong on too many fronts (and backs). I am sure that every lifeguard recognizes the importance of the 360 view of the beach around every tower and beyond.

Personally, I am not invested in the savage/warrior debate as such. Savage is a reckless and primitive word with numerous negative connotations to deserve a place in Lifeguard annals. Warrior is also not quite the correct word either; it too connotes things such a male, tribal, fighter, and so forth.

William Maguire said...

"I agree with Hal...
For what ever reason it was named "savage" that word has now trended out of purposeful and socially acceptable usage and should be changed...."

Gregory J. Bonann
Executive Producer "SAF3"

Lonnie Gordon said...

I agree with Hal, too. Savage is completely inappropriate, but warrior doesn't seem the correct term either. I like "guardians". That's what you are.

The saying of "watch the water, stay focused, and stay in shape" seems fitting. :-)
You all ROCK!!

William Maguire said...

*** Just in from Santa Monica City Firefighter and LACo OL (Ret.), Adrian Crook: "I concur with Hal. You must, of course, watch the water. However, a good lifeguard, the kind I would want to work next to, is aware of his or her surroundings and the potential threats therein. Also, I'm so proud to be part of this noble fraternity of warriors, who are FIERCE, but never Savage. A savage lacks compassion, a good guard is extremely compassionate. I think back to making a body recovery or performing CPR In front of distraught family members, or just sitting with a lost child. A savage isn't a problem solver, and believe me if I'm dealing with a major emergency and you're a savage, stay the heck away. I'm looking for a fierce, problem solving warrior to back me up. If these perspectives are new to you, then I would urge you to seek mentorship and grow as we all did. There is no better place to seek mentorship than from Hal Dunnigan. AC out"

Bob Burnside said...

Lot of good comments and suggestion..But all the Bronze Savage..and even just a little to Hollywood for my taste.
If consideration is forthcoming to make a change to the "Achievement Statue,done by "Whiz"..maybe let it stand poised as it is..and Titled it just "VIGILANCE"
Those fortunate enough to ever receive it..will well understand all that that wording stands for...and maybe that same word is appropriate for our motto
Good luck Victorian Team..Have a great trip..and give all our "down Under" guys and gals..our very best regards.

Michael Bateman said...

You are a good man Hal and I don't see any slings and arrows but I am sure I speak for many who would stand in front of them for you. You have earned your right to express these opinions and one should not hesitate to question institutions and every generation needs to re-evaluate these things. For my part, let's not over-think the word Savage nor under-think the phrase Watch the Water. Savage conjures up images of the raw passion that a waterman has for challenge, adventure, and the unpredictability of the ocean and his or her readiness to hit it for any reason! And Watch the Water to me is an imperfect phrase that symbolizes the vigilance required of the job of protecting the lives and property of the people of Los Angeles and those that visit her beaches, that all should go home safely. And I would miss it if it fell out of use, but I do understand all that's been offered up here in comments. Peace to all, and Watch the Water! :) -Bateman

Anonymous said...

Hi Hal, what about adding a couple more phrases to "Watch the Water," wuch as "Watch the Land" and "Watch the Air" ? Jeremy Stuart EMP 501951 Ph 310-403-8478 . REMAX Big Wave Realty