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"Lifeguarding In Ecuador", by Bruce Moncrief

Photo courtesy of Dave Hitchcock and Bruce Moncrief. Photo by & Copyright John Macdonald.

LACo Recurrent, Bruce Moncrief, just returned from Ecuador where he spent several weeks volunteering his services as a beach lifeguard and training some locals to do the same.

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Well, here let him tell it:

"Just got back from 5 weeks in Ecuador. Surfing and training lifeguards in Bahia de Caraquez and San Clemente which is just South of Bahia.  This blogger, Dave Hitchcock,

(editor's note:  do check out this linked blog post above as Dave writes about Bruce's adventures and guarding in Ecuador.)

let me stay at his house 25 yards from the lifeguard tower.  1.8 miles of beach. Huge crowds, four lifeguards including me.  I trained five more at this beach in about 4 hours including CPR. I can't tell you how proud I was of them. We had some good luck with the swell size and tide times.  Everyone went home at the end of each day. Four days of Carnival makes the 6 man volleyball tournament in Manhattan Beach look like a well behaved 4 year old's birthday party.  Could use some help next year.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Moncrief
In the photo above, that's Antonio who works at San Clemente. He's the only recurrent. 3 kilometers of beach one lifeguard.  I gave him a pair of binoculars last year.  He had seen them but never used a pair.  You can imagine how he liked them.  And, yes that's me next to him at the end of the day.

Below, the crew after work..."

Photo by and courtesy of Bruce Moncrief

("Lifeguarding In Ecuador", by Bruce Moncrief. Photos courtesy of Bruce and as otherwise attributed.  Story and photos used here with permission.)

*** Thanks Bruce!  Well done!  Too bad about those sunsets from the deck of the tower, though...



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