Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Abalone Cove, by OL Tom Kiesewetter

Abalone Cove (1)
Summer in February ?  Here's the proof, just in from Veteran LACo Recurrent, Tom Kiesewetter, from Southern Section.


From:     Thomas Kiesewetter
Subject:     Pictures from Abalone Cove, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013

Hello Will:

You have some great photos on your blog and I thought you might be interested in some from the south end of the department.  These were taken at Abalone Cove yesterday February 24, 2013.  Hard to believe it’s winter!

From the deck of the tower; (1) looking south at 1100 hrs (above): and below, (2) looking north at 1100 hrs, (3) Baywatch Cabrillo on the mooring in the cove, (4) going off-shift at 1800 hrs.

Abalone Cove (2)
Abalone Cove (3)
Abalone Cove (4)

 By 1500 hrs, the cove was filled with “tide-poolers” enjoying the marine life at the minus tide.

I wish I had more trivia to deliver about Abalone Cove but the last time I worked there, Dan Cromp was the permanent!

I did learn something at Abalone Cove last Sunday.  If you ever have a chance to work Abalone Cove you might want to know something about Ed Butts. Every other patron that comes by wants to know, “where is Ed” or, “how come Ed isn’t working today”.   Rest assured you’ll have a good source of information close at hand.  If you look around the tower, you’ll probably see John Burich sunning or swimming and ready to fill all your information gaps.

Keep up the great photos on the blog, the images of the Northern and Central Sections bring back many fond memories!



(All photos by & Copyright Tom Kiesewetter 2013. Used here with permission.)

*** Thanks Tom!   We really appreciate you contributing to the blog.  We know that our readership
really enjoy reading about and seeing photos of our beaches. 

Editor's note:  Tom's rookie year was 1972 and he took both the LA City and LA County swims along with his Valley State pals, Phil Topar and Ralph Lee!  He retired from the Long Beach Fire Department in December of 2009 as a Battalion Chief with 30 years of service.



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