Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lifeguard Towel Smack Down! Gabe Campos v. Joel Gitelson

Forget MMA. Forget Muy Thai! We're talkin' about a tour d' force in terms of Lifeguarding. We're talkin' smack! We're talkin' Towels. In one corner we have veteran LACo OL/Recurrent, Gabe Campos, with his custom designed Beach Lifeguard "Surf Rescue Towel", weighing, in, er, costing $30. In the other corner we have Veteran LACo OLS/Paramedic, Joel Gitelson, with his custom LACo Crossed Oars Beach Towel, costing $27 (instead of the $25 previously advertised... just sayin'...)

And so, you as the reader, will have to judge for yourself which towel is best! Both are the same size. Gabe's towel is screen printed and has the special advantage of allowing one to wrap the towel around one's waist to enable changing of wet lifeguard trunks in the privacy of your tower. Joel's towel is embroidered.

Samples of each towel are shown below. Both are approximately six feet long. Your comments and votes are encouraged. Joel's towels are available at the Southern Section LACOLA Locker. Gabe's towels are nearly sold out with only a couple of remaining towels available. Shipping adds $10. to the otherwise $30 price tag.

Below, the Gabe Campos LACo Lifeguard "Surf Rescue" Beach Towel

Below, the Joel Gitelson LACo Lifeguard Embroidered Beach Towel


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