Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LACo Lifeguard Promotions!

(Re: Above Photo Source Info. OK, now here is a Really, Really Great Photo of the Recent LACoFD Promotional Ceremony held on Nov. 30, 2011, courtesy of Amy Meier of the LACoFD. Photo Credit: LACoFD Department photographer Douglas Morrison. 10-4! *** Many Thanks to Amy Meier. *** Now... Does anyone want to 'step up' and name everyone in the photo from Left to Right in both rows?

(Photo above by & Copyright Tim McNulty, Senior 2011. Used here with permission.)

*** Many Thanks to Nick Steers for tracking down "who" got promoted at the recent Nov. 30th, 2011 LACoFD Promotions Ceremony, as follows:

Captain, Lifeguard Services Central Ops.:

Kenichi C. Haskett,

Timothy L. McNulty,

Julio C. Rodriguez,

Adam H. Uehara.

*** Congratulations to each of these great LACo former recurrents who have promoted up the OLS Ladder to Captain! 10-4.


FYI; Photo Source Info: The above was taken by former L.A. City and LACo Beach Lifeguard, Tim McNulty, Sr. who was on hand at the ceremony to see his son, Capt. Tim McNulty have his Captain's badge pinned on him, on 11.30.11 at LAFD HQ. Young Tim is third from left in front row (and to the immediate left of Chief Frazer.)

*** Many Thanks to Tim McNulty, Sr., as well for forwarding the photo... even if it is a bit out of focus... of this wonderful event! ***

p.s. Note to Tim McNulty Jr.: buy your dad a real camera, please! Woo Hoo! 10-4, copy. :-)

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