Thursday, April 7, 2011

Introduction: 1983 LACo World Lifeguard Championships Team Photo

(Photo above, courtesy of Scott Hubbell. Photo taken at Bellows Beach on windward/east side of Oahu, between Kailua and Makapu.)

Have a gander. Have a peek. This blog post intends to provide merely a brief introduction of the photo above and below featuring an absolutely infamous and legendary group of lifeguards that competed in Hawaii in the 1983 World Lifeguard Championships. We are, in effect, only going to whet your appetite for the full expose and recounting of this event and its participants which will follow sometime in May 2011 and to be authored by LACo Chief (Ret.), Buddy Bohn. Many thanks to Buddy for undertaking this effort to follow this preview.

So here we go... just the basic parameters for now. Sorry, you will all have to suck it up until Buddy finishes his full treatment. Please note that we have posted the same photo below and have included the names of the lifeguards.

From: Scott Hubbell
Subject: 1983 World Team Photo
Date: April 4, 2011

"Our Surf Swim team relay and rescue team placed second - Iron man Relay was 3rd (which shocked the Aussies). We had Lacola team members in the 7 man final of the Surf Race(Mike Newman medaled), Kip Jerger placed 5th in the paddleboard and most of us were in the finals in many of the other events.

We placed 5th place out of 80 teams.(NO dories-Just Surfboats)

Best showing of a U.S team in the World Championships.

BUD STEVENSON and Paul Stader was there to cheer us on."


From: Buddy Bohn
Subject: RE: 1983 World Team Photo, courtesy of Scott Hubbell
Date: April 4, 2011

"This was an amazing team that went up against the best in the world. I'll never forget the Taplin (with surf ski, no dory) at North Beach in big surf. We were ahead going into our last swimmer, none other than Donohue, who smoked the Aussies until the final run back through the surf, where all the greats caught waves to catch Paul for a short wade and run up the beach. Paul found himself in an inshore hole and missed the first by a run up the beach. Paul learned the hard way there and never let it happen to him again. Scott Hubbell was just getting his promotional business underway and really helped us get the funding and sponsorships we needed. He was then as he is now, "true to his school".

Much Aloha,

Top Row/Standing, L2R: Paul Matthies, coach, Rick Growinkle(sp?, Greg Pfeifer, Paul Donahue, Scott Hubbell (team sponsor/liaison), Mike Newman, Dan Matthies, John Baker, Buddy Bohn (manager), Kip Jerger.

Front Row, Kneeling, L2R: Gary Crum (coach), Kevin Taylor, Dave Baberacky (sp?), Eric Fanoimoana (sp?), Mike Inscore, Mike Stevenson.


*** Many Thanks to Scott Hubbell for sending this photo on to us and to both Scott and Buddy for their brief remarks. Stay tuned for our follow up next month!

Until next time.....

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