Thursday, April 21, 2011

"County Recurrent" has a new mascot!

A new mascot flew in (literally) and is now nesting at the corporate and editorial headquarters of "County Recurrent" News. The California Dove. Yep, that's what she is according to both Jimmy Makuta and Eric Shargo, Ph.d. She has even laid two eggs (literally), which is granted most unlike the editorial copy and photos published by our fine blog...

She, the dove, we have named "Debbie", even flew inside last nite when we opened the door to the corporate patio. See for yourself after we got ahold of her and tried to interview her.

After releasing Debbie into the air, it was only then that we discovered a second egg! Holy cow, er, bird!

Stay tuned as "County Recurrent's" staff trains these dove(s) to complete the tasks of carrier pigeons and to messenger urgent messages and to take aerial photos and engage in other reconnaissance efforts at our local beaches.


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