Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 Recurrent Recheck Head's Up !

(Photo above shows the surf out front of the LACo Lifeguard Training Center, Manhattan Beach, Calif. Massive inshore holes and rips as usual.)

Dateline: LACo Lifeguard Training Center, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

You heard it here first! In an interview with LACo Training Center Capt. Erik Albertson at 0930 hrs this morning, we were informed as follows:

The 2011 LACo Recurrent Recheck will be 8 hours.

The recheck could also start as early as 0700 hrs.

Rumor is circulating too that EMT's only need to attend for 2 hours including
the swim.

Non-EMT Recurrents must attend full 8 hours. Woo Hoo !

The Jury is still out on this issue, however.

Rechecks will begin on May 15th. There will be 17 recheck dates or 24 recheck dates if the EMT's have to do the full 8 hours. Capiche!

If the EMT's only have to do 2 hours, then the swim will happen around 8:30 a.m. If the EMT's have to do the full 8 hours, then your guess is as good as mine as to when the swim will happen. The undersigned did not ask that question. Hey! Take it or leave it.

Bring your own lunch!

Official LACo details to follow, of course, via regular LACo channels of communication.


p.s. Last but not least, if you are not already swimming, get yourself in the pool and start your training regimen. Don't show up out of shape like Bonann, Verge, Hotchkiss, Kieran Graner and others do every year. :-) And just because you are still in college, young Chris Newman, don't think you can rest on the laurels of your mother and father's combined athletic genetics... surfing will not get it done! Exit Campus Point and get in the campus pool at UCSB. Go Gauchos!

p.s.s. And look who showed up as we were exiting the Training Center!!! Retired Assnt. Chief Phil Topar. We have no idea why he was there but maybe it was to have a bowl of oatmeal with Rescue Operations Chief, Garth Canning.

Until next time.....

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