Monday, August 23, 2010

SMN Tower #15: Snap Shots

Dateline: Saturday, August 21, 2010

Re: SMN Tower #15: Snap Shots

The Set up: Veteran LACo OL and Mayor of Santa Monica North, Gabriel Campos, informed the staff of County Recurrent on Friday nite that the Summer 2010 SMN Crew T-Shirts Were Ready for Pick Up!... and so we scheduled a rendezvous for the morning of August 21, 2010 for same.

Arriving at approximately 1100 hrs, we acquired our pre-ordered allotment of t-shirts and also took this opportunity to shoot a bunch of random photos... OF COURSE! So many, in fact, that one lifeguard had to hide himself behind his towel.

Additionally, the County Recurrent staff scored a glazed donut courtesy of Gabe!

We hope you will enjoy this photo collage.

L2R below, LACo Recurrent Lifeguards, Gabriel Campos and Chris Ro

and in the photo below, Gabe asks out loud, "Whose idea was it anyway to put the "Skinny Cow" signage up as the sponsor of this particular tower that I work 4 days a week anyways?!... Are they trying to tell me something?!... or what!?...

Like we said previously, we scored a donut too! Woo Hoo!

L2R below, the undersigned enjoys the glazed donut along with "on his workout" out of Tower #1550, LACo OL Andrew Jones... hoping to score one of those jelly donuts seen in the box...

The view toward the pier from SMN Tower #15 is shown in the following five photos:

And below, check out the five photos in sequence showing how to "Watch The Water" and make a successful prevention. File under: Watching The Water and Making Preventions, by LACo OL Chris Ro.

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ynot said...

Love the coverage of SMN. Thanks Will.

spyder said...

But not one shot of the topless rally at Venice this weekend. One might think donuts were all empowering.