Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 USLA Lifeguard Nationals: "It's Surf City Baby!"

Poster Art Back-story, courtesy of Adam Sandler of Face Time Media:

Poster Designer is Jenn Crawford (design director for FrenchCraft Leather, LA, CA), with input from Chris Maas (Exec. V.P. for FrenchCraft Leather, LA, CA) , State Lifeguard Jerry Hernandez and Huntington State Beach Lifeguard Association president and Nationals event coordinator Craig Lumb.

Says Lumb: "As a host, my goal is to have an inviting poster that captures the host location and at the same time provides an inspiring point of view. I didn't want to establish any type of rivalry or put down on any other geographical location when designing it.

With this in mind, we decided to promote the host community without placing a negative on any other previous or future host and that is where 'Surf City' came into play. Being competitive and sports minded, I tossed in the 'baby!' with Dick Vitale in mind.

A few days later, I was thinking about the poster and thought that it was missing a closing statement. I wanted to wrap up the 'baby!' at the top with something else. This is when I thought to highlight the fact that not only is it 'Surf City,' it's also where the saving of lives is the most amongst any other agency in the nation. To be proud, I thought if you want to be a lifeguard and one of the best in the country in Huntington Beach, "You better go early baby" because the ocean conditions in HB are most often complex.

Again with Vitale in mind, I did think along the lines of: If you are a Huntington State Beach lifeguard you are a Prime Time Player (PTP) when it comes to saving lives.

This is a competition and may not be recognized as a sport, but has not only the features of an 'athlete' but an 'athlete' who maintains their physical ability and uses it to save lives. That's what we do."


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Kai Weisser said...

Hey Will - I really like that poster, baby. Nice post and interesting stuff on the design. Good luck at Nationals.