Saturday, August 28, 2010

"County Recurrent" Strafes Southern Section!

Dateline: Saturday, August 28, 2010

"County Recurrent" strafed Southern Section this afternoon with a site visit to Southern Section Headquarters.

(Photo below shows OLS Taylor Morgan, upstairs at SSH watching the water.)

(Photo below shows SSH Captain Virginia Rupe in the Captains Office taking care of business.)

(Photo below shows OLS Dave Anderson, locking up the LACOLA Locker at SSH... but not before "County Recurrent" had a peak inside and grabbed some gear. This is without a doubt the Best LACOLA Locker in the County and is maintained and managed by OLS-Paramedic Joel Gitelson.)

(Photo below shows view from Pier of exterior of SSH looking south with Palos Verdes in the distance.)

(Photo below shows the hardest working OLS at SSH at this exact moment... OLS Dave Nelson, explaining that sweeping the sand from the driveway is a constant battle against mother nature.)

(Photo belows shows Southern Section Area Captain, Shannon Davey, adjacent to her Captain's unit behind SSH.)

(And the next five photos shows a prevention, in sequence, by the LACo Recurrent just north of the Hermosa Pier, and witnessed by the undersigned reporter from "County Recurrent" News.)

(Photo below shows the Hermosa Pier under bright sunlight in the late afternoon.)

(Photo below shows the famed surfer statue at the foot of the Hermosa Pier in the foreground and the beach and tower just north of the pier in the distance.)

And no trip to Hermosa Beach is complete without checking out the shops and bar scene nearby...

(Photo below shows an off duty Southern Section lifeguard... t-shirt. Hey, we're not judging, just reporting!...)

and having made our purchase, we began our trip back to Central Section but not before we made a stop and discovered the same sign on the Liberty's front porch that we had just seen at Pier Surf!.... Wow!... what a coincidence!...

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