Monday, February 1, 2010

El Nino Storm Damage 2010, by Steve Hotchkiss, LACo Recurrent

"County Recurrent" is pleased to bring you the following exceptional photographs by O.L. Steve Hotchkiss taken this past week on Broad Beach in Malibu showing the damage to the beach and beach homes cause by the recent late Jan. 2010 high tides in combination with the El Nino 2010 storm surf.

The first series of photos were taken by Steve on January 30, 2010 during the 6.78 tide from Malibu West, aka Trancas.

The next set of photos were taken by Steve during the -1.5 low tide on Jan. 28, 2010 which shows the damage to Broad Beach.

With respect specifically to the photo above and the remaining photos below, Steve, in an email yesterday stated as follows:

"This is the (beach preservation/restoration) program the Broad Beach HOA announced to our (Malibu West HOA) last week. We have the Beach Club on Broad Beach with about 100 feet of beach frontage and are not part of their HOA. The club is owned only by the Malibu West HOA members.

The Broad beach HOA (AKA Trancas Property Owners Association) is starting on their temporary boulder permit. They will become permanent with final permit. As part of the final permit they they will place larger 2-4 ton boulders over these and then sand over those to create a planted restored dune along with additional State owned beach forward of the dune. This will also require a regular sand replenishment program to be funded by an assessment district based on per foot of frontage of a property. As part of the temporary permit they had to take out a bond that will pay to remove them if final permit is not issued.

At this time our club is not involved.


(Note: All photos displayed in this blog post are Courtesy of & Copyright Steve Hotchkiss 2010. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission. Reproduction without permission is prohibited.)

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*** Cross-Reference:

Feb. 2, 2010, L.A. Times online:
"Malibu residents seek a narrow escape for Broad Beach"


*** Many Thanks to Steve Hotchkiss for sharing these great photos with all of us !

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GlennK said...

Is Trancas a "private beach?" If it is, is it going to be restored with "private" $$? If is going to use Public $$ is there access for the public across these properties anywhere?