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"Car Overboard!", by Capt. Nick Steers, Ret. *** PLUS *** S.M. Fire Chief Hone To Retire!

(Photo Courtesy of Jim Hone and Nick Steers. Used here with permission).

From: Nick Steers
Subject: Re: Car Rescue, circa 1970's
Date: February 11, 2010
To: Will Maguire

"I received a copy of this photo from the Santa Monica City Fire Chief, Jim Hone, himself.
He had it in his office all these years. I didn't know it existed until a few years ago. The following is a brief description of what happened. I hope you can make sense out of it.

I was working the call car in Santa Monica in the seventies. I don't even remember who my partner was. We got a call that a car had gone over the edge of the short Santa Monica pier, aka Newcomb's pier. We arrived on scene and found that the car was floating in the surf. The surf was pounding. The car got caught between the pilings. It was difficult to get in there since the car was upside down and bouncing off the pilings with each incoming wave. The Fire Department arrived next on scene to try and get the car righted. We were going to wait for low tide. The tide was about to turn around to ebb. Chief Hone (he wasn't the chief yet) whom is pictured next to me in the photo above suggested we use ropes and pulleys to turn the car right side up. We used the pilings as anchors and ropes and pulleys to get a mechanical advantage to try and right the car. Unfortunately, the surf kept hampering our efforts. Finally, the tide dropped enough to get a skiploader and turn the car right side up. We had no reports of anyone being in the car when it went over. We were able to confirm that fact after the car was righted."

Nick Steers


From: Nick Steers
Subject: Fw: SMPD's Community E-mail - Santa Monica's Fire Chief Retires
Date: February 10, 2010
To: Will Maguire

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From: Community Relations
To: Community Relations
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2010 1:23 PM
Subject: SMPD's Community E-mail - Santa Monica's Fire Chief Retires

This message is being sent in support of, and as a courtesy to, the Santa Monica Fire Department.

Below is the retirement announcement of Santa Monica’s Fire Chief Jim Hone. Attached is the remittance form that you may use for sponsorships, ads, and tickets. Thank you.

This message, and its attachment, may be forwarded to other Santa Monica residents or interested individuals.

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For more information about our community e-mail subscriber list, please contact Community Relations by e-mail, or at (310) 458-8474.

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Timothy J. Jackman, Chief of Police

Community Relations
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Many Thanks to Nick for sharing this great photo with us and for giving us the Heads Up on Fire Chief Jim Hone's Retirement Dinner set for Thursday, March 4, 2010. As many of us know, the Santa Monica City Fire Dept. employs and has employed quite a few notoriously heroic LACo Recurrents, both past and present, including but not limited to Ron Brown, Jerry Pillar, Adrian Crook, Dan Matthies, Jon Skorstad, Cody Shirk and others. For those of us who have worked the beaches in Santa Monica, we all are grateful for their professionalism and their always timely Paramedic back up, fire suppression and other mutual aid and support to our lifeguard dept.

Until next time.....

Will Maguire, Editor
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