Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buddy Bohn APB: Private Lifeguards Wanted!

(Photo shows sample, albeit, dummy private lifeguard on display in Hermosa Beach, Calif.)

Just in from Buddy Bohn via LACOLA:

February 20, 2010

"On behalf of the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club (MBBC) I'm putting together a hiring list of certified professional lifeguards who would be available for some hourly work guarding mainly kid's parties, club events, etc. The rate is $20.00 per hour and will be paid by the MBBC member who requests the lifeguard's services. Each lifeguard will work as an independent lifeguard (contractor) and will not represent the County or LACOLA.

(Photo shows LACo Legends, Cal Porter, at left, and Paul Matthies, at right; neither of these Legendary LACo Lifeguard Studs are dummies and it looks like they know a good deal when they see one and so do not dally if you are interested in making some extra cash on your personal time. Heck: Looks like there may even be t-shirts in the bargain. You will have to speak to Buddy about that, though.)

MBBC is located at 516 18th street Manhattan Beach; and has been in MB since 1936, originally on the beach at Marine Ave. Many of our lifeguards and junior lifeguards have learned to swim there, myself included. So, if any of you are interested, please contact me."

I appreciate your assistance.


(Photo above shows Buddy Bohn, at left, with Assnt. Chief, Phil Topar, at right, Sept. 2009 at the Lifeguard and Paddleboard Expo in Hermosa Beach, curated by Buddy.)

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If Buddy invites you to play badminton and suggests that he doesn't play much..... LEAVE your cash at home ! The Lifeguard Grapevine has assured us that Buddy is the real deal on the badminton court. So spend your money at Memphis On The Beach instead where you can nurse your pride after he soundly defeats you. 10-4.

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