Thursday, December 4, 2008

High Surf Area !

Will Douglass and Bill Bischoff ! A couple of Johnny Joseph "SMC Alumni" Swimmers. Can you imagine this team from the late Seventies with Bruce Stahl on the same team, plus Mike "Newmie" Newman, Mike Moses, etc., et al. Hey, I might be off by a year of two with some of these guys, but just go with it.

You could win a Taplin with these two guys leading the swim and Billy doubling up and paddling too !

You could literally start the Taplin with Bischoff as lead swimmer, drop in a couple of ok swimmers and then finish off the swim chores with Douglass ! Then Billy could anchor the paddle portion.

Done. First Place ! Been There, Done That !

Throw the 'Freakingly Fast' Stahl in there too on the swim relay portion and you could basically coast into the dory leg.


Maguire, Will

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