Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baywatch 15 Heading West to Malibu...

Dateline: Saturday, December 6, 2009 at approx. 0930 hrs.
Re: Baywatch 15 heading west past Will Rogers T-14 on its way to Malibu,
with LACo Rescue Boat Captain Eric Astourian in the wheelhouse. Kudos to Rescue Boat Captain Drew Greger for the i.d. ("Baywatch 15 heading towards Malibu! Astourian as Captain!").

Historical Footnote: I forwarded this photo to retired LACo Permanent and Recurrent, Tom (Allen) Sena on the Big Island of Hawaii and he had this to say about Will Rogers Tower 14 from "back in the day" when the Lighthouse was still there:

"Likely you did not know, but Tower 14 (after a short stint at Tower 5) was my tower for my rookie year in 1968. Right in front of the old Light House, where all the guys ..... could look over my shoulder and try to slide down the Light House "rescue pole" and scoop me on rescues. Eli Gauna would try to beat me to rescues on the north side of the jetty, when I was busy watching the surfers on the south side. I stopped that by standing duty on the berm, and could get to both sides quick! What great memories!

Aloha, Tom".

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