Monday, December 22, 2008

Buzzy's Big Wave Workout

Dateline: December 6, 2008, Will Rogers State Beach, Pac. Pal., Calif.

Brought to you by:

Bill Kerbox, Owner-Broker
Pacific Palisades, Calif.
Office: 310-230-0104


1. Team Rendezvous and Stretch at Will Rogers Tower 8 (see photo below).

(All Photos by Will Maguire unless otherwise indicated. Dec. 6, 2008).

2. Group Soft Sand Run to WRHQ

3. SpiderManning across soft sand on all fours

4. BuzzKill at WRHQ (a series of pull ups and chins up that will leave you retching and calling out for 'mama').

Buzzy illustrating the proper form and grip for the pull up

Buzzy switching over to chin up grip

Brother Bill showing us what a stud he is at pull ups

Son of Sinjin'. This kid must have a 24 inch plus vertical leap because he approached this soft sand pull up bar, elevated and grabbed on to the bar NO Problem and then reels off a handful of chin ups ! I'm thinking this kid should play volleyball..... later I find out who his dad is...

Buzzy again, this time working the abdominals

Brother Bill posing for the camera and OLS David Carr calling for backup !

Buzzy holding an Olympic Gymnast's pose for a count of five or more...

5. More soft sand running to Will Rogers Tower 18 and back.

6. Dragging of lifeguard equipment across soft sand at Will Rogers Tower 14 in front of WRHQ. In this case, the Will Rogers summertime Baywatch Buoy, rope and chain.

(Photo by Bill Kerbox).

(Photo by Buzzy Kerbox).

7. Buzzy: time for shower and a meal. Ready for the rest of the day. Thinking about a long go-out in the ocean... and maybe a 5 mile run before dinner.

The Rest of Us: puke, drink water, pass out, wake up, seek out aspirin, caffeine and sugar.

And last but not least, the undersigned (center) flanked by the Freakishly Tall Kerbox Brothers, Buzzy (left) and Bill (right), the evening before, Friday, 12.05.08 at the Buzzy Kerbox Photo Exhibit at PaliSkates, as previously posted on this blog last month.

(Photo by Erin Garrity).

Until next time.

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