Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day at Will Rogers

Aah, Labor Day ! Sunshine, surf, sand, the sound of the waves..... a nice nap in the warm sand....... scrreech..... Gotta Watch The Water !!!

Where: Will Rogers North, Tower 3, High Noon ! The tried and true 12 to 8 shift!

Dislocated Shoulder suffered by beach patron at 1430 hrs and later, as previously posted, Sylvester showed up with his boogie board (see below) and a deer, that's right, a deer with antlers showed up as the sun was setting and ran along the beach in front of Gladstone's, peeled off behind Tower 3 briefly and then back along the sand just shy of Tower 2 and then bolted on up to the parking lot near the Castellamare bridge. Just another day in Paradise. Not sure what the omens were vis a vis the appearance of Sylvester followed by the running deer. Will have to check in with the assorted Lifeguard-Ph.d's for that one...

Perhaps, the metaphor is to have fun in the summer but when it ends get the heck on with your life. Or maybe it was just some looney tune kid in a very hot and sweaty Halloween costume and the deer was just lost.

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