Friday, August 29, 2008


Dateline: August 29, 2008

COUNTY RECURRENT is playing catch-up on a couple of items in this posting:

1. Above, Bruce Morgan receiving the LACOLA "Bronze Savage" award from LACOLA Past President, Capt. Erik Alberston, as a special presentation at the conclusion of the LACOLA General Meeting last nite, 08.28.08

2. Above, Bruce with Recurrent Rep. Arthur Verge (left) and Capt. Pat Jones (center) with Bruce hefting that 40 lb. beast, the "Bronze Savage". Bruce began his lifeguard career in 1975 and retired this past May 2008, during which time he worked in excess of 4,000 days "ON THE BEACH", on the front lines, principally in Central Section, making rescues and preventions and the rest that comes with the responsibilities of an L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard. When working on Santa Monica North, Bruce especially relished, as well as savored the additional role of playing the Goodwill Ambassador to the many tourists who frequent the beach just north of the Santa Monica Pier.

3. Below, is the Norton Wisdom painting, "dory-bottle-whale", which Norton painted in tribute for Jake at Jake's recent retirement party.

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