Sunday, August 24, 2008

'08 Rating Year Countdown...

August 31, 2008 is just a week away. Do you have your days in yet ?...

How About Some Photos ?

Recognize these seasoned veterans ???

Life Achievement Award Winner (2005) and retired recurrent lifeguard, Hal Dunnigan, with Medal of Valor winner and Lifeguard/Paramedic, Joel Gitelson


County Lifeguard Will Douglass and retired recurrent and Culver City Fire Captain, Bill Bischoff

Can you name the rest of these guards on and off duty ?

COUNTY RECURRENT asks: Are you "in the loop"?


A. That has a GREAT menu of Upcoming Events listed on its public website at:

note: to current/active lifeguards, be sure to log in from time to time at to keep your status and email current with the Dept.

*** Head's Up to New Recruits ***
The Deadline for submitting an application for this September's Rookie Swim Test is August 29, 2008. Get the details at:

note: The Rookie-Recruit Swim Test is scheduled for: September 27, 2008.

B. that if you are Alumni, you have a terrific resource for alumni related events, email postings and a virtual potpourri of photos. If you are alumni, please contact Nick Steers (Ret. Captain, Zuma) at:

C. That the LACOLA website will keep you posted on recent lifeguards in the news, as well as other relevant information at:

If you have not seen it yet, you will want to 'click' on the link in the left hand menu bar on the homepage to "LACO Lifeguards in the News" to read about your lifeguard colleagues in action.

In addition, the same admonition applies to the LACOLA website as with, e.g., active lifeguards (aka LACOLA Members) need to be registered so that they can access the member pages. As stated at

"LACOLA Members! Please read!
If you are a LACOLA member and you are viewing the website but have not registered, you are missing out on vital information. Half of the website is for members that have registered and LACOLA sends out information sometimes that is only sent via email or may be time sensitive in nature. If you have not registered you will not get this information!"

D. That Lifeguard Division publishes a great deal of information online at its own LIFEGUARD DIVISION website at:

(i) For example, if you have not seen the Dept's Photo Gallery, check it out at:

(ii) Also, check out the "Related Links" page at:

That's it for now.

On behalf of COUNTY RECURRENT, you are now IN THE LOOP !

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