Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"County Recurrent" Has Moved !!!!!!

Surf's Up ! "County Recurrent" News has moved to a new Blogging format and provider.
Woo Hooooooo !!!!!!!!!!! Get your tickets now !

The good news is that you can now bookmark the following URL:


Sorry, there is no bad news.

"County Recurrent" remains focused on providing as many recurrents, past and present, as possible with time sensitive news and current events information.

"County Recurrent" is the web's number one choice for 'inclusive' news concerning the LACo Recurrent Lifeguard.

The cost to you: just a few moments of your time to read our posts.

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OPT-IN by sending the undersigned your email address and typing in
"OPT IN". Please also note that this Opt In feature has been field
tested on selected Headquarters personnel and they were able to comply
with these instructions.

Inclusively yours,


Will Maguire

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