Sunday, September 6, 2015

Zuma at 1800 hrs, Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015, by Steve Hotchkiss

Just in from Veteran LACo OL, Steve Hotchkiss from earlier this evening...

Hi Will,

Walking Zuma 6:00pm still crowded and they're not going home.

Editor's Note:  Now that kinda looks like OL Lance Keene in the photo below... and so I asked Steve if it was Lance.  Here is Steve's reply (and it's not Lance):

"Actually I think it may have been Tom Doman Jr.  But not sure, tried to stay stealth.  I went in the water up at the Malibu West club. Water must have been at least 73 with 15-20' visibility even with surf. No Hammerheads today, or should I say I didn't see any....."

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•  Zuma at 1800 hrs: Video #1

•  Zuma at 1899 hrs: Video #2


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