Monday, April 27, 2015

Strafing the L.A. City Lifeguard Reunion...

Dateline: Sunday, April 26, 2015... Santa Monica, California... just shy of 5 pm... we figured we could run in and get some photos and videos of the gathering of the legends of L.A. City beaches "back in the day"... and we were right. They say, "Timing is everything"... and when we arrived they were just about ready to take a large group photo in the backyard by the pool of all the L.A. City Beach Lifeguards in attendance at this illustrious event... and so....... we pulled out our camera and got busy!  Enjoy!

Not my McLaren...

Look who thought ahead and was waiting for an UBER ride home to Malibu...

This must be the place!...

Like I said, timing is everything... I walked out back and they were all ready to have their picture taken!  Well done!  

 *** Video Alert ! ***

 L.A. City Group Photo: The Video

  *** Video Alert ! ***

 L.A. City Lifeguard Reunion: The Video

Now you have to hand to the organizers, and esp. Ed Butts... who knew that all these lifeguards would not leave the party.... so they set up another photo opp. out front in the driveway next to Mickey Gallagher's 1933 replica L.A. City Lifeguard Truck!... and they they locked and bolted the front door shut!...  :-)

There's Steigeley!... "Hey Will, I've got your sunglasses!...

Says who?!...  :-)


Until next time.....

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(All photos & videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2015.)

extra credit close ups and out-takes:

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