Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mass Confusion!, by Bill Beatie

Photo by & Copyright Bill Beatie circa 1970.  "SMHQ Switchboard".

Just in from Veteran LACo/Santa Monica City Ocean Lifeguard (Ret.), Bill Beatie, now living in Mesa, Arizona !

Dateline: March 25, 2015

"Hello Will:

Long time no see (other than through your Blog).  I was going through some old flics to bring to my big 50 reunion for Venice High in a month. Came across this classic of the switchboard when in full swing capacity back in the day at Santa Monica HQ.  Early 70's, Capt. Jim Richards flipped out when he saw the board at max!  He was worried about incoming calls, asked if it was all business or bullshit.  There was NO swell, early morning fog, every guard on duty wanted to visit with the neighbor or get an outside line.  He finds out the truth... then proceeds to place his arm behind all the trunk lines and pulls them all out at once. I could not believe how fast all the lights went out and stayed that way. All guards knew it was the Boss and better not push their luck.  I freaked out at first, then we all had a good laugh.  It sure was fun in HQ while on disability from my shoulder injury.  Lots of fun when I got to Topanga South five days a week too.  Held that spot and TPN for most of my 25 years..."


Thanks for the memories, Bill!  I can still hear your voice on the switchboard when I would call in to speak to the next tower over... "Tower #26 comin' to ya!..."

To our readership, if you have any switchboard stories to tell, please let us know.


Until next time.....

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