Sunday, July 6, 2014

Will Rogers State Beach: BluffWatch

Dateline: Sunday evening, July 6, 2014

As Fourth of July Weekend 2014 winds down... with the shark incident in Manhattan Beach getting the most attention.... we set out for the bluffs to take some photos of Will Rogers State Beach from Santa Monica Canyon to Temescal Canyon Road, which we know our colleagues in So. Section have been jonesing for since our last posting of Will Rogers photos...

*** Video Alert ! ***

•  WRHQ: The Video

•  Video #1:  Will Rogers Tower #15

•  Video #2: Will Rogers Tower #15

Foot patrol at WR #7...

and don't forget to stop and smell the wild raspberries, etc...


Until next time.....

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(All photos & videos by & © Will Maguire 2014.)

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