Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer of 2014: What's Next!?...

Dangerous surf, drownings, a swimmer bitten by a Great White Shark, an on duty lifeguard death in Newport Beach, and a Lightning strike on the sand and in the water in Venice with one fatality plus an off duty lifeguard who required CPR to be resuscitated. The Summer of 2014 has already had its full share of drama and heartbreak.

July has, indeed, been a busy and frenetic month with large swells at Abalone Cove stranding swimmers and catching others off guard and unable to stay afloat and, unfortunately, to later drown.  On July 5th, a swimmer in Manhattan Beach was bitten by a Great White Shark. The next day on July 6th, a Newport Beach lifeguard lost his life while performing a rescue in heavy surf.  Twenty minutes earlier on July 6th in the same general area of Newport Beach, an off duty Huntington Beach state lifeguard had a serious spinal injury while body surfing and was fortunate to have been observed and evacuated to the hospital where he continues to recover.  Then this past weekend on Sunday, July 26th, lightning struck on Venice beach, killing a 20 year old swimmer and incapacitating at least two other persons in the water, both of whom fortunately were resuscitated and survived.

And so we wonder.... What's Next?!...

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One lesson to learn is to appreciate today.  Try to live life to its fullest because we don't know what tomorrow will bring.

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