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Venice South Shout Out!

Thursday, late a.m., Sept. 19th, 2013... the view from Division...

and the close up/zoomed image of same...


In the late 70's, Veteran OL, Bruce Morgan (Ret.), told us recently of a day when a kid went over the falls and hit his head and when Bruce picked him up he was limp in his arms. At the time, protocol was for slight traction to be applied when managing a suspected head injury.  Lt. Dick Heineman was second on scene and was handling and maintaining the kids legs.  Momentarily after they got the kid on the sand on his back, Bruce exerted slight traction whereupon the kid regained consciousness and wanted to get up and get out of there and, in unison, both Bruce and Dick said to the kid,  "Don't move!"...    Paramedics arrived thereafter and transported the kid to the hospital where Lt. Heineman learned later in the day and confirmed to Bruce that the kid had, indeed, broken C-1 in his neck.  The kid was aok and was not paralyzed thanks to the swift actions of Bruce, Dick and the rest of the lifeguard backup, paramedics, and hospital staff.

And just in from Bruce, his further recollections of this event that day:

"Very good memory and good write up. This even had to be as early as 1976 or 1977 in the June months. I do not know if we still have log books for that.

Here are some extra details:

1- The stiff collars at the time were not very adequate and were not secured by Velcro.

2- The kid was around 17 years old, tall and was bereft of all and I mean all mobility --- how else could you have got ---

3- Lt Heineman to be excited or impressed. He was a pro at treating everything as if it was in his text book and that nothing was new. But I could tell when he called me from headquarters, as I listened at the Ave-26 phone, that Lt Heineman was impressed and glad about how this one turned out.

10-4 Cheers


*** Many Thanks to Bruce for sharing his recollections of this great save at Ave-26 "back in the day".


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