Saturday, September 28, 2013

Attn: CSUN Swim Team Alumns; Re: Coach Pete Accardy, R.I.P. "Celebration of Life", Sat., Nov. 2, 2013

At the request of LACo OL, Lisa Dial Timmerman, please be advised as follows:

Hello all CSUN swimmers, water polo players, alumni and others who swam, played water polo and knew Pete Accardy. I have been in contact with Tom Ford out at CSUN in the athletic department. We are going to be having a celebration for Pete on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013. It will be held poolside from 1pm till 3pm at CSUN. At this time we have a list of emails and contact information from the last gathering in Del Mar for Pete's birthday. So on that note there might have been some changes to many contacts. If you are interested in attending we are gathering new and updated information to get the details out to everyone. If you could email me with your name and up-to-date information, especially your email we can put a list together. My email address is: In the subject line could you put: CSUN - PETE ACCARDY. This will make it stand out for me to see. I will then forward these to Tom Ford who will be sending out the final details to all. I hope a lot of you can attend this celebration. Thanks, Michele Hampton



July 23, 2013

Pete Accardy, R.I.P.


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