Monday, May 27, 2013

Southern Section Shout-Out: "An Interesting Lifeguard Assignment", by OL Tom Kiesewetter

Just in from Veteran LACo OL, Tom Kiesewetter:

RPV Tower

Greetings Will

I thought you might be interested in viewing a unique lifeguard assignment in the Southern Section: Rancho Palos Verdes (RPV) Tower.

RPV Tower is at the base of the cliffs at the Trump National Golf Club.  The City of Rancho Palos Verdes has established public access to the beach via steep dirt trails which originate from the parking lot on the south side of the Trump Clubhouse.  Signage clearly indicates public parking and lifeguards start the 15-minute walk to the tower from here.

Photo 1(above): The tower viewed from the top of the cliff and a 15-minute walk away.  At the upper left Abalone Cove begins to come into view.

Photo 2: Yes, it really is a dirt trail.

Photo 3: The tower is open for business.  Since there are no roads to deliver the standard size and weight lifeguard tower, the style here matches the lifeguard towers at the Portuguese Bend Club (PBC) at the northern border of RPV.  The color is also consistent with the PBC and keeps the homeowners on the cliff happy.

Photo 4: The south side of the tower is rocky with tide pools and popular with fishermen.  The north side has some rocks but progresses into a sandy bottom for swimmers.

Photo 5: A lot of people make the trek down the cliff for various forms of coastline fun.  Although it is not known as a swimming beach, there are plenty of fishermen, tidepoolers, hikers, fanny dippers and dogs to keep a lifeguard busy.

Google Earth gives a great overhead view and provides a perspective of RPV positioned between Abalone Cove and Whites Point.
Image Source:  Google®.  Used here as a 'fair use'.

The 15-minute uphill hike at the end of the 8-hour shift sounds unattractive.  But, as the parking lot comes into view, so does the Clubhouse (aka the 19th hole) … public access also!

I won't be at the 19th hole in the foreseeable future so I won't be able to forward a picture. 

Cheers and have a good summer!



*** Many Thanks to Tom for sharing his great photos and commentary about this atypical LACo Lifeguard Tower and Assignment. ***

(Story and photos by & Copyright Tom Kiesewetter 2013.  All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)


p.s.  maybe Burich or Matesich or K. Atkins can get us a photo of the "19th Hole"...


Until next time.....

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