Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 Malibu Down Winder", by OL Steve Hotchkiss

This story came in this past Sunday evening from No. Section OL, Steve Hotchkiss and we think you will all enjoy these photos and Steve's commentary about this year's Malibu Down Winder.


We start off with "Come on Dad I've got a race to do".
Hello Will,

My youngest son Kennan (newly 12 years old) participated in the Malibu Down Winder yesterday with his uncle Tony Hotchkiss.  It was a great experience for him to be around such a positive group of people.  Kennan paddled a 12ft scaled unlimited BARK paddleboard that Tony had given to my older son Logan(16) when he was 12.  Here are some photos for you to use.  Hopefully others are sent to you.  It was a great day for the race.

L to R Tony Hotchkiss, Kennan Hotchkiss, Ryan Addison

Tony & Kennan

Kennan with Mark Temkin
Line up rod water start

(Photos and story by Steve Hotchkiss. Copyright Steve Hotchkiss 2013.  Used here with permission.)

Steve Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss & Associates Landscape Contracting Inc.

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*** Many Thanks to Steve for sharing this year's Malibu Down Winder with all of us!  ***


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