Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gabe Campos' Four Point Winter Workout Regimen

OL Gabe Campos, aka, The Mayor, on duty at SMN Tower #1550. Photo by Will Maguire.
It's late March, Recurrents!  If you are not working out and training for your late May or June recheck, then get ON IT NOW!  We've already pitched this sounding call and we've relayed Lifeguard Capt. Tim Arnold's previous halycon call to "get in shape" for rechecks.  Now it's time to really bring it on and who better to bring us all in line than multi decade veteran LACo OL, Gabe Campos, aka, The Mayor of 1550!  In a telephone interview with Gabe this morning while he was toweling off with his custom copyrighted SMN Beach Towel, we asked Gabe how he stays in shape.  Listen up all you legends that are now 40 plus years old...   :-)

Here it is!

Gabe Campos' Four Point Winter Workout Regimen:

1.   From the day after Labor Day (Sept.) through Dec. 31st:

•  1,500 yards of swimming, 4 days per week.

2.  From Jan. 1st thru the end of February:

•  2,000 yards of swimming, 4 days per week.

3.  For the month of March:

2,500 yards of swimming, 4 days per week.

4.  April and May/June:

A.  4 days a week, Gabe swims with the Masters Swim Team at Mt. SAC College.


B.  4 days a week, Gabe also does 1 hour of cardio at the Mt. Sac College Fitness Center/Gym using one of three machines: treadmill, stationery bike, elliptical.


Per Gabe, staying in shape to be an LACo County Ocean Lifeguard requires year round fitness training, esp. for our baby boomer corp. of veteran beach lifeguards.

10-4, Gabe!  We really appreciate you sharing your experience and commitment to excellence and for your continued service to the County, esp. to the multitudes who visit and swim north of the Santa Monica Pier.  As the designated mayor of SMN #1550 and SMN #15, those who know Gabe understand and appreciate that Gabe is the reason that there is crowd control north of the pier.  When he talks on the megaphone, patrons listen and hear the word in two languages.  There is no ambiguity.

FYI:  In the off season when Gabe is not on schedule all summer long on Santa Monica North, for the past 23 years, Gabe has worked full time at Mt. SAC College, where he is the Athletic Equipment Tech and also serves as a part time Professor teaching Lifesaving, First Aid and CPR.


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