Monday, December 17, 2012

"E's Sled"! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

OK its December 17th!  Christmas is right around the corner!  What can "County Recurrent" do to launch us all, recurrents and permanents, into this approaching Festive Tube Ride?!...

For starters, how about a sweet lookin' surfboard?!... which we can all appreciate, on or off duty.....
Hey Now!...

Check it out!

Photo by and courtesy of LACo OL, Eric Liberty.  Used here with permission.

We will let the owner of this sweet board tell us all about it himself.

Eric Liberty:  "This board was a gift to me from one of my moms nurse friends husband when I was a teen. I rode it a few times and then threw it in my parents attic for about 20 years before cleaning it up as a wall hanger in my stairway. It's a 7'2" single fin shaped by Venice shaper Guy Okazaki sometime in the 70s.

County Recurrent (CR):   Did you say your "moms nurse friends husband (aka, mnfh)?  Just kidding. OK, so tell us about the logo or brand on this board?

Eric Liberty:  "The logo on it says Guy Okazaki Venice, Ca. I rode it at El Porto in the early 90s".

CR: El Porto, eh?  Any memorable waves or dawn patrol surf sessions come to mind that this board was along for the ride?

Eric Liberty:
  The thing I remember most about surfing with this board was that it doesn't have a leash plug, but a hole in the fin with a string on it for the leash option.

CR:  What about "The Elf"?...

Eric Liberty:  "Oh, that's Elfy, Harper's "Elf on the Shelf"."  (Harper is Eric and his wife, Ashley's, two year old surfing prodigy daughter).


10-4.  Thanks E ! 
We really appreciate you helping us spread Holiday Cheer to our readership.

Until next time.....

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