Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Summer 2012 SMN Crew T-Shirt: The Sequel

Dateline: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012

Just in from OL Gabe Campos, OLS Jaro Snopek (Central Section; CSHQ) has ordered 24 (twenty-four) of the SMN 2012 t-shirts (without the names of the guards on the back of the shirt), as shown in the two photos below.  12 of them are LARGE; and 12 of them are XL.  Contact Jaro at SMHQ if you want one!

In Gabe's own words:  

Will,    Yaro is ordering 24 shirts from summer 12 area tee.  no names.  sizes are 12-Large; and 12- XL.   they are the navy blue ones and will be FOR SALE.    call Yaro @ SMHQ.   Gabe




Thanks Gabe and Jaro!


Until next time.....

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William Maguire said...

Just in from Jaro Snopek: "I ordered two dozens short sleeve shirts (Sizes LARGE and XL only); those are the same ones Gabe designed this past summer:
Navy blue T-shirt with red logo (small up front), large on the back; no lifeguard names!
I also ordered 6 sweatshirts with a hoodie, front pocket (kangoroo style) and zipper all the way down to the waist.
I got three XL and two Large. I am keeping one for myself.

Pricing is as follows:
Single Short sleeve shirt $20.00 each; pack of three or more (various sizes possible) $18.00 each
Sweat shirt $40.00 each (only four available); Joji booked one already.

If you want to post it on the Recurrent Blog, please do so.

Thanks, Jaro"

tomal mahmud said...
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