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Lifeguards In Paradise: Waikiki Treasure Chest!

Dateline:  Waikiki, Oahu;  November 2012

If you've visited either the MALIBU SHIRTS retail store on the (fairly) new Waikiki Beach Walk retail mall on Lewers St., then you've seen the amazing display of trophies featuring some of Santa Monica City and L.A. County's finest lifeguards who have traveled to Hawaii and participated in paddleboard and surfing contests.  There is a huge trophy won by Tom Zahn back in the day behind the cash register that we've featured before on this blog and here it is again:

Wow! Can you believe it?! Tom Zahn's Molokai Channel Trophy from 1953!

Today, however, we are going to feature some other interesting displays and trophies from both the shop on the Beach Walk previously mentioned, as well as the newer Malibu Shirts store in the lobby of the nearby hotel, "Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach" where Duke's Restaurant is also located.  Enjoy!

I.  Malibu Shirts, Waikiki Beach Walk
"Malibu Shirts", Waikiki Beach Walk. Photo Source: Malibu Shirts Facebook Page.
Wow!  First up... From 1951:  Tom Zahn's first place trophy from the 1 mile stock surfboard race.

From 1959, Tom Zahn showed his prowess at surfing as well with a Fifth Place finish at the Makaha International Surfing Contest (below)...

A display case featuring Greg Noll surfboards...

A display case featuring VELZY surfboards...

II.  Malibu Shirts, at the Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach

 Immediately below is a photograph featuring Santa Monica City beach lifeguard, Tom Moore, at far left, who was apparently one of the first mainlanders to compete in the Molokai Outrigger Canoe Race according to the text below said photo... from 1959, a photo that includes the Kahanamoku brothers.
"1959 - Tom Moore of the Santa Monica Lifeguard team with the Kahanamoku brothers at the 1959 Molokai Race. Tom Moore was the first west coast mainlander to participate in the event."
From 1967:  Grigg Wins Duke Surf Title

Legendary big wave surfer and Santa Monica City beach lifeguard, Ricky Grigg, is also featured in trophies and displays at this shop:

And another Trophy featuring another victory by Ricky Grigg, plus his passport from 1970:
"1970 - Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championships. Ricky Grigg's trophy from the sixth annual Duke contest. Famed big wave surfer, Grigg, won the second annual Duke Invitational in 1966 in 20ft surf at Sunset Beach.

... and last but not least, on the wall in the hotel lobby was a display case that featured some Duke Kahanamoku memorabilia, including a Duke trading card!


Additional Reference Material:

1.  A Graying Surfer's Love Affair

In the '60s, he was a golden boy riding the waves. Since those days, Rick Grigg has discovered new worlds--and himself--without ever giving up the sea.



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"Richard (Rick) W. Grigg, who received a Ph.D. from Scripps Inst. Of Oceanography in 1970, is internationally known for research on coral reefs & precious corals. He has published over 100 papers in scientific journals, including 6 books; one a recent autobiography entitled "Big Surf, deep dives and the islands: my life in the Ocean" that chronicles his contribution to pioneering big wave riding in Hawaii and winning the world surfing championship at Sunset Beach in 1967."


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4.  "Memories of the North Shore", by Bill Powers, LACo S.O.L., Ret.


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