Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer of Cheap Beach Toys...

Have you ever seen so many discarded and cheap beach toys in your life?  Broken toy shovel handles proliferate our local beaches.  These toys are so cheap that patrons often simply discard these toys where they lay in the sand.

The larger toy shovels are a bit sturdier and are the principal culprits behind the dramatic increase in sand digging and tunnel building that we must all be wary of tripping in or worse, trapping children.  *** For this reason foot patrols are highly recommended and to be repeated and watch where you are stepping, people!  When you are running to a rescue or a prevent you now have to be mindful of watching both the victim(s) and where you are stepping.

Insofar as the cheap (ass) beach toys goes, however,
our beaches are littered with these cheap beach toys (small shovels, rakes, sand castle molds, etc.) that break easily and are sold by (illegal/unlicensed) vendors on the beach, at drug stores and the 99 Cent Stores, along with super cheap styrofoam body boards that break very easily. 

*** Be careful out there, Recurrents !



OL Pete The Pelican, Will Rogers Tower #14, July 23, 2012. Photo by Will Maguire.

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