Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer 2012: Watching The Water

 Today we bring a photo collection of our lifeguards doing what they do best... "Watch The Water!"  Enjoy! 

A whole team of OL's watching the water...

Shift Change with OL Tommy Doman (Jr.) arriving for duty

Capt. John Greger watching the water

Capt. Robert Torres, Race Director at recent Ed Perry Regatta, watching the water and the competitors...

OLS Kevin Maxwell watching the water

Zuma/Westward, OLS Kevin Williams watching the water and making an ordinance enforcement.

L2R, OLS' Chappie DeHaven and Bill White

Will Rogers OL, Iggy, watching the water at Tower #6

OLS Alex Vicente, watching the water

OL, Brandon Henry Snell, watching the water

Watching the (July 4th) Parade...

Not watching the water...

Off duty... on a workout

This OL sure looks familiar...

A Venice OL watching the water at Ave 26

Watching The Water & Looking Good!... Capt. Scott Grigsby

OLS, Joji Abasolo, watching the water

Joji still watching the water!

OLS, Matthew Pennington, watching the water

OL Arthur C. Verge, watching the water and selling SMN area t-shirts

Pete The Pelican watching the photographer... while still "striking a handsome pose"...

OLS Sean Lemm, at left, watching the water and the Taplin Paddlers during tryouts...

L2R: OLS, Eric Wylie and OL Jack Jacobs, watching the water

OL, Michael Schwimer, watching the water and making preventions!

OL Nick Sullivan arriving for duty

Watching the water at No. Pier in Venice...
Watching the water and backing up a guard in the water...

OL Taylor Manuel, in foreground at left with his rescue can raised while backing up the guard from Tower #17, namely, OL Carla Cano, making a rescue in a monster rip off of and between Towers #17 - 18, July 24, 2012.
and last but not least, if you were wondering if we shot any video of the aforementioned Monster Rip and Rescue by LACo OL, Carla Cano...... well, YES, indeed we did!  Here ya go:

Video Alert & Link!  Woo Hoo!...
Monster Rip & Rescue Off Of SMS Tower #18 featuring LACo OL, Carla Cano.


(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2012.  All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

Fourth Year Rookie Mistake... come on!...   :-)

Until next time.....

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