Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Just Another Day in Costa Rica", by LACo OL Bob Kilroy

(Photo above shows Veteran LACo Beach Lifeguard, Bob Kilroy, at left with rescue can, exiting the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica after participating in a blitz rip current rescue... while on an annual holiday there.)

Just in from Veteran LACo Recurrent Beach Lifeguard, Robert "Bob" Kilroy, D.C. Great lifeguard. Great Chiropractor. Hawaiian Shirt Aficionado too.

Bob sent us this photo several days ago and we inquired as to "who, what, where, etc." We asked him again today and, as it turns outs, our persistence paid off because Chief Frazer also asked Bob to explain this wonderful photo of Bob taken recently in Costa Rica during an annual photography trip that Bob takes there with some friends. Bob was kind enough to forward his response to Chief Mike Frazer and approved its use on our Blog for everyone to enjoy. So here goes:

From: Kilroy Robert
Date: March 14, 2012 10:42:36 AM PDT
To: "Frazer, Mike"
Subject: Re: Just another day in Costa Rica

"I was vacationing in Costa Rica with some buddies that I go down with each year for a photography tour. We went to the beach at Manuel Antonio which is a gorgeous mile long crescent moon beach lined with palm trees.

The surf was overhead with big hollow tubes. As you know Mike, by now it's instinct. You look to see where the rips are pulling, who's in them and where the other lifeguards are. I always like to meet up with another member of the brethren no matter what beach I go to in the world. So I find the lifeguard. There are only two of them on this entire stretch of beach. If this was Santa Monica South we would have every tower doubled.

But the lifeguards there only get paid when there's money. When there's not, there are a few that still show up and volunteer. So I introduced myself to Jimmy who is positioned in the center of this beach under an umbrella with a couple of lifeguard cans stuck in the sand next to him.

We're talking when I see his eyes suddenly light up. I looked over my shoulder and almost at the far end of the beach there is rip pulling with four people clinging to a surfboard. Without a word Jimmy grabs his can and takes off sprinting down the beach. Without thinking I just grabbed the other can and took off after him. I will be honest Mike, my swimming is still very very strong. This rescue taught me I really have to add more running to my workouts. Another guard jumped in with us and after that, it was like any other rescue. These guys were really good. They are strong swimmers with great commitment and a wonderful attitude.

I have an open invitation to come to Costa Rica and volunteer as a lifeguard when ever I want. Hmmmmmm...


(Photo Source: Photo courtesy of Bob Kilroy. Used here with permission.)

Many Thanks to Bob for lettting us draft on his remarks to Chief Frazer about this off duty overseas ocean rescue! And well done, Bob!


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