Thursday, October 13, 2011

October HEAT WAVE!, by Todd "Tex" Double Shaka Ribera

(Photo by Will Maguire.)

(Photo by & Copyright Todd "Tex" Ribera 2011. )

Per Double Shaka; Photo above from Oct. 12, 2011: "Offshore winds today and temperatures are rising! This is why our fall/winter months can be warmer than our summer months. And why we can wear bikinis and beachwear most of the year!

Mention "Santa Ana's" and receive 20% off swimwear! Expires 10-14-11"

"Double Shaka" Locations:

Flagship store: 1740 Ocean Park Blvd # A,Santa Monica, CA, 90405; Phone 310-452-7425

Venice Beach store: 1501 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291 (310) 392-7425


Wow! How HOT was it yesterday? According to Todd "Tex" Ribera, LACo OLS, it was "‎87 degrees at the beach in Santa Monica! July and August were not even this warm at the beach!"

In W.L.A. at the weekday offices of "County Recurrent" it was absolutely SCORCHING!

HOW HOT WAS IT?! You could not sit outside without shielding your eyes from the solar rays sneaking inside the top of your sunglass frames in the late afternoon! Five minutes and you would reach your Vitamin D quota! SPF 100 Hot!

Today is definitely a beach day. Voice mail select, check !


"County Recurrent" News

(Will Rogers Lifeguard HQ, Oct. 12, 2011. Photo by Will Maguire.)

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